Music Therapy

Al-Mada established the first and only existing music therapy center in Palestine, which has been in operation since its founding in 2009. Staffed with highly-skilled music therapists, and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, the music therapy center provides the following services:

Music Therapy Sessions for:

  • Children with disabilities and traumas
  • Violated and abused women
  • Youth

Training and Capacity Development Courses in Music Therapy. These courses are suitable for counselors, social workers, health workers, school teachers, community organizers, and others who work with children, youth, and vulnerable populations. Courses include:

  • Introduction to Music Therapy
  • Advanced Training in Music Therapy Techniques
  • On-the-job coaching and mentoring

*Al-Mada can also offer individual music and therapy training in different fields.


Organizational Development and Capacity Building Training

Al-Mada provides capacity building training for organizations and professional teams, using art and music therapy as one of its key and unique methodologies. Trainings include team building, communications, strategic planning, time management, stress management, and gender mainstreaming. (Read More)


“For My Identity, I Sing” Youth Program

This national campaign provides children and youth with the tools and methodologies to explore their identity, express themselves and advocate for their rights in creative and positive ways. This Campaign started in 2013 with Jerusalem youth who developed their own lyrics and songs to form an advocacy campaign for their rights and challenges as Jerusalemites. Al-Mada aims to expand this program across Palestine.  (Read more)


Early Childhood Programs

Al- Mada trains and mentors caregivers on how to integrate music and art, including the therapeutic elements into their work. Therapists work with both care givers and families directly, in the nurseries and day-care centers, providing them with hands-on experience, know-how, and confidence in using art and music therapies in the home.


Inclusive Education Program

This program trains educators, counselors, and parents in using art and music as part of education for children with learning and social difficulties. The Program is designed for all ages in schools. It has been implemented successfully with the Ministry of Education for 2 years, and highlights the importance of teamwork between special educators, counselors, teachers and parents. (Read More)


State-of-the-Art Recording Studio

Al-Mada’s recording studio produces media and promotional audio spots, and audio CDs. (Read more)



Moving Forward

Al-Mada will continue to build and expand its current programs with women, refugees, children, youth, and individuals with special needs. We have found that our approach of training professionals who work most directly with these populations is the most effective and appropriate way to reach a wide-range of beneficiaries. As such, we plan to continue building on our existing relationships with UNRWA and the Ministry of Education, as well as with other local and international organizations, to introduce music therapy in educational settings, for early childhood development, and to aid in healing from traumas and violence. We will also continue to offer in-house music therapy sessions for individuals and groups. Through these areas of work Al-Mada aims to grow our unique psychosocial and educational services to reach more members of the Palestinian community.