Music Therapy Room2Music Therapy and Training Room

The ability to respond to music is something we are all born with – we do not need to learn it and we never lose it. When people find it difficult to articulate emotions in words, music can provide a safe, available outlet – which is why it has proved so beneficial as a form of therapy.

Music therapy is an established form of healthcare that is used to promote well-being. It is widely used to alleviate stress and pain, or to cope with communication difficulties, emotional trauma, memory loss and physical rehabilitation.

The Music Therapy Center is a comfortable, inviting, and safe space, which is equipped with a variety of musical instruments. The main room can accommodate up to 12 participants for individual or group music therapy sessions, trainings and workshops.


John-McLughlin-at-Al-Mada's-studio-1Recording Studio

We have installed a state-of-the-art recording studio at our community music therapy center, to serve the different programs conducted by Al Mada and to serve as an income-generating project that supports Al Mada's music therapy servicesto enable the Al Mada team to continue providing music therapy. The studio is equipped with a variety of musical instruments, professional recording equipment, and a sound technician. Musicians are able to use these facilities at competitive prices.