We seek to bring a sense of joy and relief from what is often a very stressful life in Palestine. Through our programs, we are able to help individuals to connect both with themselves and with others in their immediate community.

Community development requires a collaborative, holistic approach. We support change that comes from within communities, through their own members, resources, capacities and diversities and believe that individuals and groups can be empowered to be thriving community members through artistic creative processes. The arts provide a space and a platform where individuals can express, create and heal and are a powerful tool to advocate for concerns and rights, thus advocacy represents another important component of our work.

Our objectives

  • To introduce the arts as a developmental tool with considerable potential to empower individuals.
  • To strengthen the role of the arts in Palestinian society at a time when the arts are overlooked and underfunded.
  • To introduce and develop a Palestinian specific approach to music and expressive art therapy.
  • To establish that development should not be limited to infrastructure or economic growth and is not strictly measurable by the GDP of a country, but is more accurately reflected in terms of quality of life.
  • To provide a non-threatening platform through which to advocate for causes which impact Palestinian society as a whole.
  • To compliment and support the work of the public sector which delivers critical services under challenging conditions.

A hands-on approach is emphasized during training, as participants are introduced to theory and different concepts, while going through a process of practical exercises and "living the experience". In addition, trainees have the opportunity to put into practice the acquired tools and knowledge by working in communities at the grassroots level before their training ends.