The team of Al-Mada Association for Arts Based Community Development is an inspiring group of professionals from all walks of life.

Some team members are full-time staff, while others are part-time, board members, or freelancers who regularly collaborate with the organization, or ad-hoc consultants and volunteers. Together they make up a solid and proactive team dedicated to advancing Al Mada’s vision of enhancing community development through the arts in Palestine.

  • Odeh Turjman

  • Reem Abdul Hadi

  • Mahmoud Awad

  • Buran Sa’ada

  • Nadeen Khoury

  • Saed Abbushi

  • Salam Kanaan

  • Mohammad Amous

  • Firas Jaber

  • Hiba Darwish

  • Salma Al Khalidi

  • Laila Atshan

  • Mary Shehadeh

  • Eileen Kutab

  • Nader Abu Amsheh

  • Sam Bahour

  • Haifa Shawwa

  • Sani Meo

  • Laila Akel

  • Amal Ghanem

  • Walid Namour

  • Mwaffaq Abdul-Fatah

  • Khitam Edelbi

  • Hassan Jaddeh

  • Nisreen Awwad

  • Majd Assali

  • Farah Aloul

Creativity is a drug we cannot live without.